Chiasso, March 30th, 2018

CryptoPolis organizes its new Blockchain Meetup in Lugano


The Swiss association CryptoPolis is proud to announce its new blockchain meetup based in Lugano (Canton of Ticino).

The event will be held on April 19th at 6.30 p.m. at Hotel de la Paix, located in Via Giuseppe Cattori 18, 6900, Lugano.

During the evening, the CryptoPolis association will present some of the most important Swiss companies and ICOs working in the digital currency sector, including Sgame, Dartcoin, ParkinGo, and ORS.

Who are they?

Sgame is the first mobile games aggregator where players can mine tokens simply playing the world’s most popular mobile video games.

ParkinGO is the European leader for parking. They will launch a token sale related to services such as  car valeting, luggage wrapping and peer-to-peer car shares.

ORS is a project for hypersmart contracts that aims to provide access to more than 1,000 proprietary algorithms and hundreds of software solutions to the crypto community and to established businesses.

Dartcoin aims at using the crypto distributed ledger, virtual reality, and artificial intelligence to create an innovative way to create and enjoy art that will become increasingly unique, decentralized, democratic and digital.

Present at the event, prominent personalities of the fintech environment will give a speech, in this order:

  • Ramona Gallo, CryptoPolis’s President;
  • Fabio Zoffi, founder at ORS;
  • Giuliano Rovelli, founder at ParkinGo
  • Giampietro Cutrino founder at Sgame;
  • Paolo Bettinardi, founder at DartCoin.

Free Entry until all places.

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About CryptoPolis

The CryptoPolis association is supported by the Chiasso municipality.

Thanks to this partnership, the Swiss city decided to accept bitcoin for tax payments until 250 CHF starting from January 2018 through the EidooPay service.

The main objective for CryptoPolis is promoting and supporting the digital currencies use and environment and the education in the blockchain sector to develop the best South European blockchain ecosystem.